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Youth Programs & Camps

The VUL has many recreational youth Ultimate programs with plenty of options to play year-round!

We also run the competitive Ultimate programs through the summer. 


Winter U19January - MarchDevelopmentVariesGrass
Winter U16 SkillsJanuary - MarchDevelopmentVariesGrass
Winter U14 SkillsJanuary - MarchDevelopmentVariesTurf
Spring Break Day CampsMarchDevelopmentVariesTurf
Misfit Summer - Touring & RegionalJune - AugustCompetitiveClubMixed
Misfit Summer ThunderclubJune - AugustDevelopmentClubMixed
Summer 7-on-7 LeagueJune - JulyLeague7-on-7Grass
Summer U19 SkillsJune - AugustDevelopmentVariesMixed
Summer U16 SkillsJune - AugustDevelopmentVariesMixed
Summer U14 Skills
(earlier girls only)
June - AugustDevelopmentVariesMixed
Summer Day CampsJuly - AugustCampVariesTurf
Fall 5-on-5 LeagueSeptember - NovemberLeague5-on-5Turf
Fall U19 SkillsSeptember - NovemberDevelopmentVariesTurf


Winter U19 SkillsJanuary - MarchDevelopmentVariesTurf
Winter U16 SkillsJanuary - MarchDevelopmentVariesTurf
Winter Pick-up LeagueJanuary - March Development7-on-7Turf
Canyon Summer - Touring & RegionalJune - AugustCompetitiveVariesMixed
Canyon Summer PeakJune - AugustDevelopmentVariesMixed
Fall U19 SkillsSeptember - NovemberDevelopmentVariesTurf


Winter U19January - MarchDevelopmentVariesTurf
Winter U16January - MarchDevelopmentVariesTurf
Winter Pick-up LeagueJanuary - MarchLeagueVariesVaries
Reign Summer - Touring & RegionalJune - AugustCompetitiveVariesMixed
Reign Summer PandamoniumJuly - AugustDevelopmentVariesGrass
Reign U19 Summer CampsJuly - AugustDevelopmentVariesGrass
Fall U19September - NovemberDevelopmentVariesTurf
Fall Pick-up LeagueSeptember - DecemberLeague7-on-7Varies


Winter U19January - MarchDevelopmentVariesTurf
Winter U16February - MarchDevelopmentVariesGrass
Vortex Summer - Touring & RegionalJune - AugustCompetitiveVariesMixed
Vortex Summer VelocityJuly - AugustDevelopmentVariesTurf
Fall 5-on-5 Hat LeagueSeptember - DecemberLeague5-on-5Turf
Fall U19September - DecemberDevelopmentVariesMixed


Before registering, be sure to read our Registration Guidelines.

Do you have a question about registration, programs, or required equipment? Check out our Youth FAQ - it may have an answer for you!

If you're interested in volunteering or coaching, see our volunteering and coaching page.