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What programs do you offer?

  1. We offer a range of recreational activities for ages 9-18 years, for all skill levels. All our recreational programs can be found on our Programs & Camps page.
  2. For players who want to play competitively, please see our Youth Club programs.
  3. We also offer many different programs for adults! All our adult programs can be found on our Adult Leagues page.

Which option is best for my child?

  • At our Skills series and Camps, we will evaluate participants and divide them up based on skill level. This ensures that they receive instruction that is tailored to their needs.
  • In general, our U14 program is for new and beginner players, U16 is for beginner to intermediate players, and U19 is for advanced and elite players. If your child’s skill level does not match their age group, we can often adjust. Email to inquire.

I’ve heard that instructors teach Spirit of the Game - what is that?

  • Spirit of the Game (SOTG) is a fundamental part of our sport and a guiding principle of the VUL. Read more about SOTG, including how it's essential to Ultimate and helps everyone build upon their love of the game. 

If my child wants to play on their school’s team, will VUL programs help them?

  • Yes, absolutely! Our skills programs and camps are designed to teach foundational disc skills and game play, as well as build on skills they already have. 

What if my teen wants to compete at the provincial or national level?

  • We have four club programs based in North/West Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey and Vancouver. Tryouts are typically held in the spring. Learn more!


How do I register?

  • Registration for our programs is exclusively online, through the registration page
  • Parental consent is also done online and must be renewed annually.
  • Players register as part of a team for leagues, and as individuals for our skills programs.

Can my child join after a program has started?

  • We can typically accommodate late registration for our Skills series and Camps – space permitting – but not for our leagues. We do not provide a discount or rebate for late registration.

Can my child play on the same team as their friends?

  • Junior Leagues: Yes, absolutely! We recommend that players form their own team and sign up together for this league. 
  • Skills series and Camps: We generally divide the players by skill level in these programs, so everyone gets instruction tailored to their ability. 

I am under the age of 19 - can I register a league team myself?

  • Yes, you can, but all teams in our junior leagues must have one or more adult chaperones present at all games. As well, all players must get parental consent before they can participate. Read more about Parental Consent.

Cost is a challenge for my family - do you offer any financial assistance?

What is your refund policy for missed sessions?

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What equipment is needed to play?

  • One of the great things about Ultimate is you don't need much to play! Cleats, weather-appropriate athletic wear, a water bottle, and enthusiasm!
  • We always recommend cleats over runners. If you need to buy cleats or other gear, check out list of partners , our partner for discounts on regularly priced merchandise.  
  • Athletic clothes (shorts or pants) are also suggested as kids will be running around.
  • We ask that each player brings a light and a dark t-shirt/jersey to every session. If you would like to buy a VUL reversible jersey, you can order one during registration and will receive the jersey the first day of the program.

Do I need to stay and watch, or can I drop my child off?

  • You can absolutely drop your children off - we'll take care of them! But if you'd like to stay and watch for a bit, you are more than welcome to do so.

After program is over, can players leave on their own, or do they need a parent there to sign them out?

  • We prefer a parent or guardian sign their child in and out of our programs. However, if you inform the coaches ahead of time, we should be able to accommodate a request to have your child leave of their own accord.


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