Reign Ultimate Club

At Reign Ultimate, we're building a tight-knit community of members passionate and dedicated to the sport. Beyond the competition on-field, we're all about building social connections that last long after that final horn blows. We do this through providing playing and social opportunities tailored for players of all skill levels—whether they're vying for gold at nationals, or touching a disc for the first time. 

Throughout the year we host a variety of ultimate programs, including introductory courses for our first-timers, club teams for our experienced players, prospect camps for our elite players, and classroom sessions for coaches. If you want to throw with us, there's always a unique opportunity for you every step of the way.

If you or your child is looking to get involved with ultimate in your community, get in touch with the Reign team at, and we'll direct you towards the options that are right for you!

Financial Assistance

We understand that cost can be a barrier for some families in accessing sport programming in their community. We're here to provide equal opportunities for all players, no matter their unique family situations. If your family can benefit from financial assistance, we encourage you to explore external funding options, or apply for a Reign Player Grant. Contact the Reign team at if you have any questions.


Ready to join one of our programs?  Visit our Programs & Camps page for details.

Reign Coordinator Team 

Our dedicated coordinators work year-round to develop Ultimate programs for players of all skill levels and abilities. Meet the team, and learn how they help grow the sport! 

Josh Ralla

I've been involved with Richmond Ultimate for eight years, and I always find it amazing to watch incredible talent grow and have great memories shared through this community. I look forward to welcoming new faces and growing Ultimate for years to come!


Joey Zhang

I've lived in Richmond for 14 years, played Ultimate in Richmond for 12 years, and coached Ultimate in Richmond for eight years. I came from the Richmond junior program before it was a club, and I really want to see Richmond Ultimate thrive, and it all starts with the juniors. 


Samuel Law

I love Ultimate because its players and coaches helped me learn how to apply integrity and respect in sports. I want to be a part of the juniors club program with the VUL to continue to build Ultimate in Richmond and see the players have fun!


Kitty Tu

Of all the sports I’ve played, Ultimate continues to be my favourite. I love its competitive nature and the supportive community behind it. I wish to share this passion of mine with everyone and help it grow within Richmond. 


If you have any questions or comments about Reign Ultimate programs, please contact the Coordinator team at

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