Reign Ultimate Club

At Reign Ultimate, we're building a tight-knit community of members passionate and dedicated to the sport in Richmond. Beyond the competition on-field, we're all about building social connections that last long after that final horn blows. We do this through providing playing and social opportunities tailored for players of all skill levels—whether they're vying for gold at nationals, or touching a disc for the first time. 

Our programs are centred around three core priorities:

  • Fostering accessibility: promoting the sport and reducing barriers
  • Developing culture: building socially healthy circles
  • Promoting excellence: developing local talent in Richmond

Throughout the year we host a variety of ultimate programs, including introductory courses for our first-timers, club teams for our experienced players, and classroom sessions for coaches. If you want to throw with us, there's always a unique opportunity for you every step of the way.

If you or your child is looking to get involved with ultimate in your community, get in touch with the Reign team at, and we'll direct you towards the options that are right for you!

The Vancouver Ultimate League is a member organization of the Richmond Sport Council.

Financial Assistance for Youth

We understand that cost can be a barrier for some families in accessing sport programming in their community. We're here to provide equal opportunities for all players, no matter their unique family situations. If your family can benefit from financial assistance, we encourage you to explore external funding options. Contact the Reign team at if you have any questions.

Our Programs

Learn more about VUL programs in Richmond:

SummerReign & Strike Club TeamsCompetitive
SummerPandamonium U13 Development ClubDevelopment
SummerReign U19 Summer CampsDevelopment
FallU19 Skill CampsDevelopment
FallRichmond Pick-Up LeagueLeague
WinterReign Santa Hat TournamentTournament
WinterRichmond Pick-Up LeagueLeague
WinterReign High School InvitationalTournament

Reign Coordinator Team 

Our dedicated coordinators work year-round to develop Ultimate programs for players of all skill levels and abilities. Meet the team, and learn how they help grow the sport! 

josh ralla

Josh Ralla (he/him)

Lead Program Coordinator

Josh has been rooted in the ultimate community since 2012. After competing for MacNeill Secondary and Savage Club, he's been contributing back to the sport at every chance he gets. He’s dedicated to developing playing and social opportunities for the Richmond ultimate community—developing relationships and sharing memories with a tight-knit locale. Josh has a Bachelors of Business in Marketing from Simon Fraser University and has years of event management experience including street festivals and speaker conferences. He’s previously held a management role at the VUL, ran several VUL tournaments, and was involved with operations at CUC 2023. 

yuchi lin

Yu Chi Lin (he/him)

Coach and Athlete Development Coordinator

Yu Chi has roots in Richmond, with junior playing experience at McMath Secondary, Alpha BC, and Richmond Savage —bringing the team to a 4th place finish at CUC 2018. More recently, he’s played with elite teams including Team Canada, UBC Thunderbirds, and Furious George. As a coaching coordinator, he dedicates his time to training new coaches and equipping them with the skills and expertise to develop the next generation of ultimate players. Yu Chi has a Bachelors of Science in Cellular, Anatomical and Physiological Sciences at the University of British Columbia.


If you have any questions or comments about Reign Ultimate programs, please contact the Coordinator team at

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