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Welcome to Misfit!

At Misfit, we strive to make sure that our program offers the perfect blend of competitiveness, player development, and fun. With decades of combined experience of playing and coaching Ultimate frisbee, the coordinators and coaches are local, passionate Ultimate players whose goal is to grow the sport of Ultimate frisbee in Vancouver.

We provide a positive environment emphasizing respect, fair play, teamwork, hard work, and commitment. Win or lose, by the end of the summer. Players will have a sense of accomplishment, significantly increased knowledge and skills, new friends, and many fun memories.

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If there are any questions about any aspects of our program, please feel free to reach out to us at misfit@vul.ca.

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Financial Assistance for Youth

We understand that cost can be a barrier for some families in accessing sport programming in their community. We're here to provide equal opportunities for all players, no matter their unique family situations. If your family can benefit from financial assistance, we encourage you to explore external funding options.


What is Misfit Ultimate?

Misfit is the Vancouver youth club branch of the Vancouver Ultimate League Society (VUL). VUL is a registered non-profit society originally founded in 1986.

How long has Misfit been running?

Founded in 2007, Misfit is the second-longest running youth program is BC ( and maybe Canada).

What are the overarching goals of Misfit Ultimate?

As a club level organization, our goals are to promote spirit of the game, competition, improvement and fun for high school-aged players.  We are are inclusive and open to all players. Our strategic goal for touring teams is to make nationals and compete for top spot(s).  Our strategic goal for regional teams is to develop stronger players and take top spot(s) at the year end regional tournament.

Why are the prices of Misfit so much less than the private club?

Our goal is to promote ultimate, not to make a profit.  Misfit is part of the VUL, a registered non-profit society, dedicated to the promotion of the sport of ultimate.  As a non-profit, we are eligible for reduced rates on a variety of expenses and and we also rely on the generosity of volunteers who are interested in promoting the sport and Spirit of the Game.

If you have a question, check out our Youth FAQ for answers. If you still need help, email youth@vul.ca

Misfit Coordinator Team

Our instructors are knowledgeable and passionate and are ready to pass on everything they know to our up-and-coming players. Our Misfit Coordinators would like to introduce themselves so you can get to know them better!

Tim Vines, Lead Coordinator 

More-or-less immediately after arriving in Vancouver from the UK, Tim started playing Ultimate in 2003 in the UBC Rec program and experienced his first VUL season in 2004. He has since played with, captained, subbed for, or mentored dozens of VUL teams, and made appearances at CUCs and US Regionals. He got into coaching when the VUL ran a PE takeover at his kids’ school in 2012, and continued to coach Ultimate at L’Ecole Bilingue Elementary until 2022. Tim has led multiple adult boot camps and Ultimate events for the VUL, and coached both Churchill Secondary Juniors and the Misfit Thunder Club program in 2023. When he’s involved in Ultimate he runs an AI startup and tries to be a passable parent to three children. He also has a PhD in evolutionary biology and a very lanky dog.



John Carpenter, Coaching Coordinator

John started playing ultimate in 2012 and has had an extensive junior’s career in the misfit program, ranging from playing on rolling thunder in 2014 to making a trip to the CJUC finals as spirit captain of Eclipse in 2018. He has since transitioned to coaching for the program and has found the process extremely rewarding. John now hopes to guide other players and coaches to having similarly incredible experiences while he is coaching coordinator for the misfit program.  

Outside of ultimate, John performs in multiple choirs in Vancouver and has interests in physics and chess.

Past Teams - Point Grey Secondary, Rolling Thunder, Mischief, Misfit, Alpha, Eclipse, UBC




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