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Welcome to Canyon !

Here at Canyon, we strive to make sure that our program offers the perfect blend of competitiveness, player development, and fun. With decades of combined experience of playing and coaching Ultimate frisbee, the coordinators and coaches are local, passionate Ultimate players whose goal is to grow the sport of Ultimate frisbee, especially here on the North Shore. 

Our primary goal is to offer programming for those that reside on the North Shore, but historically have not been able to participate in programs due to location barriers. As such, the program aims to have representation from all high schools from local school districts (SD44, SD45, and SD46) to help further build Ultimate frisbee on the North Shore.

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Financial Assistance for Youth

We understand that cost can be a barrier for some families in accessing sport programming in their community. We're here to provide equal opportunities for all players, no matter their unique family situations. If your family can benefit from financial assistance, we encourage you to explore external funding options.

Canyon Coordinator Team 

Our instructors are knowledgeable and passionate and are ready to pass on everything they know to our up-and-coming players. Our Canyon coordinators would like to introduce themselves so you can get to know them a bit better! 


Blake Merileesblake

Blake has been a part of the North Vancouver ultimate community for over a decade, playing at the high school and club level, and then coaching through Sutherland, Bonfire, and Canyon Open. Although he thrives in the competitive environment, his favourite part of ultimate is creating a positive and memorable experience for every individual that comes into the program. 


Jonah Manijonah

II've been a part of North Shore Ultimate for three years, starting as a player for Canyon. Ultimate means a lot to me in so many ways, and I love to see the sport growing rapidly, attracting players from all sorts of places and all skills. As a player who commuted for practices from the Sunshine Coast and now a coach & coordinator, it's important for me that youth players always have the opportunity to put a disc in their hands. 


Katie Wong

I am a part of this program because I love Ultimate and want to see the sport grow in the right direction on the North Shore. Bringing the spirit of the game to the forefront of the North Shore program is awesome because it shows that teams can resolve conflicts and situations amongst each other. In addition, it brings another level of accountability to yourself and your team. 


Duncan Segers

I became a part of Canyon Ultimate because I want to help promote Ultimate frisbee among the youth on the North Shore. Growing up in North Vancouver, I always wanted there to be a program like Canyon which allowed me to play closer to home. I’ve played Ultimate for over a decade, and I look forward to helping the sport grow and having more kids fall in love with this great sport! 


Kristy So

My favourite part about Ultimate is how anyone can have fun despite their skill level. The Spirit of the game is important to creating and being part of an inclusive community! As a coordinator, I would like to continue to foster these uplifting and competitive environments, on and off the field. Not only this, but contribute to cultivating respectful programs and players!


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