Vortex Ultimate Club

Based out of Surrey and serving the Fraser Valley since 2005, Vortex is Canada's largest junior ultimate club program. The genesis behind Vortex has always been to provide opportunities for young people in a positive, inclusive and dynamic environment. Our focus continues to be on emphasizing spirit of the game, dedication to the sport and commitment to the team. Everyone can play ultimate - from the most experienced player to the newest player just trying out a new sport - and everyone is most certainly welcome in Vortex.


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Vortex Coordinator Team 

Our instructors are knowledgeable and passionate and are ready to pass on everything they know to our up-and-coming players. Our Vortex Coordinators would like to introduce themselves so you can get to know them better! 

Jonathan He

Jonathan has been involved with Ultimate for over a decade, starting his career as a grade 9 player for the New Westminister Hyacks. While playing is something he enjoys immensely, coaching has become the main focus of his involvement with the sport. He is constantly expanding his coaching prowess. He has recently taken on the challenge of coaching an adult open club team after coaching at the secondary school, collegiate, and junior club levels. 

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