Annual General Meeting

As a non-profit society, the VULS is required to conduct a meeting of its members annually. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held annually in early December. In accordance with BC Registries regulations, the Board of Directors provides the members with an annual report, financial statements and answers questions members may have about the Society’s operations.  The members also elect 3 or 4 new directors annually to sit on the Board of Directors.

Next Annual General Meeting: December 2024.  Exact date to be announced in October 2024.


2023 AGM

2022 AGM

2021 AGM

2020 EGM *

* The 2020 meeting is an Extraordinary General Meeting. 

2019 AGM *

* The 2019 AGM was held in January 2020. 

2018 AGM

2017 AGM

2016 AGM

2015 AGM


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