Winners of the VUL/VC Jersey Design Contest

As announced in December, the VUL teamed up with VC to present an opportunity for local youth to creatively express their values of equality by designing a cool team jersey that promotes equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Congratulations to Florence Nightingale Elementary School for their winning entry. The Florence Nightingale Hawks team jersey is a powerful symbol of inclusion, a vibrant tapestry that weaves together the threads of diversity into a single, unified garment. Designed with the intention to both dazzle and inspire, the jersey is a celebration of the school’s spirit, the children’s dreams, and the legacy of Florence Nightingale herself—a beacon of healing and unity.

Congratulations also go out to our runner-up entry from False Creek Elementary.

Florence Nightingale will receive 15 VC Ultimate sublimated Short Sleeve jerseys. False Creek Elementary secured a $500 credit towards a team purchase of sublimated jerseys or shorts with VC.


More about the Florence Nightingale Design

Upon the jersey, a riot of colored feathers dance across the fabric, each one a different hue, each one a story, a heritage, a voice. These feathers are not merely a nod to the team's mascot; they are the very embodiment of the school's mottos, "Proud to be Hawks" and "We are all Hawks." In a palette that spans the full spectrum, they represent the myriad backgrounds, beliefs, and abilities of the children who don the jersey, symbolizing that no matter the color of our feather, we each contribute to the strength of the flock.

The front of the jersey is a bold declaration of identity. "FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE" arches above a circular crest of feathers, declaring the team’s allegiance not only to their school but to the values for which their namesake stood. Within this circle, the feathers overlap in harmonious disarray, much like the students themselves—a mosaic of individuals coming together to form something greater.

On the back, the feathers cascade in a vibrant background to the mottos “WE ARE ALL HAWKS.” This phrase is not just a slogan; it’s an affirmation of the school's commitment to creating a space where every student, every family, every story is valued and celebrated.

The sleeves are a flutter of colors, each feather distinct yet part of a greater whole, a reminder that while we each fly our own path, we are connected by the shared currents of air that lift us. The interplay of colors also serves as a visual representation of the school's inclusive ethos—every hue, every child is essential to the vibrant community that is the Florence Nightingale Hawks.

The multitude of feathers—each one unique but essential to the bird's flight—mirrors the students' individual journeys and collective experiences. The children who wear this jersey understand that they are part of a team that values everyone, where diversity is not just accepted but embraced and where being a Hawk means being part of a family.

When the Florence Nightingale Hawks step onto the field, they do so not just as a team, but as ambassadors of a profound message. Their jersey is more than a uniform; it’s a manifesto, a visual shout to the world that inclusivity is their game, and in this game, everyone plays, everyone matters, and everyone is a Hawk.

This jersey, vibrant in its colors and rich in its message, does more than set the Florence Nightingale Hawks apart in the realm of sports. It sets them up as leaders, as young visionaries of a world where inclusion is not a policy, but a way of life. It's a jersey worn with pride, a jersey that carries on its fibers the hope of a brighter, more inclusive future. And as these young Hawks soar on the winds of their potential, they do so together, their feathers interlocked, their voices united, their spirits unbound.