VUL Announces Changes to Field Foods & Beverage Policies

Field Foods

The provision of field food has been a tradition at ultimate events and tournaments locally, provincially and nationally. Ultimate Canada and BC Ultimate recently shared with the VUL their position on how they will manage "field food" for the foreseeable future. To this end, the VUL has decided to adopt a similar approach and will stop the practice of providing field foods at tournaments/events. Health concerns around numerous touchpoints, close contact, food allergies, and environmental concerns from food and packaging waste were the driving factors in our decision-making. 

The VUL is researching alternative food options for participants for future events.

Alcohol Consumption 

The VUL is reminding its members to be mindful of city bylaws when it comes to the consumption of alcohol at city facilities. In addition, we ask that members assist the VUL in maintaining its positive relationship with its various municipal partners by adhering to all facility regulations related to food and beverage (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) consumption.

We appreciate your support and understanding. 

See you on the field.