Sponsor Profile - Friction Gloves

At the VUL, we are lucky to connect with the skilled and creative people behind our sponsors. So please get to know them, too! 

Meet Chris Hancock of Friction Gloves


Can you tell us what drew you to sponsoring the Vancouver Ultimate League? 

We love sponsoring Ultimate organizations, and the VUL was a no-brainer. We've been partnered for a number of years. 

Do you have any experience playing Ultimate? If yes, let us know how you started playing. And what you enjoyed most about the sport. 

Yep! I started in college at OSU and have played Portland Rhino from 2008-2020. I love the community aspect of the sport.

Depending on your business specialty: what is your favourite stretch that all players should know, your favourite post-activity beverage or food, your must-have piece of Ultimate gear or sports gear? 

We're big on the hip flexors, drinking coconut water, and Friction Gloves are a must-have!

What do you love most about what your business does? 

Our business strives to provide the best gloves possible, and we love to support the community and youth programs. We love seeing the sport grow!

Is there anything else that you would like to share? 

If you haven't before, give Friction Gloves a try! They can be so helpful in the cold & wet!