Organizing Committee - CUC 2023

CUC 2023 - Surrey BC

Ultimate Canada has awarded Canadian Nationals to British Columbia in 2023. The Junior (August 13th - August 16th) and Senior (Aug 17 - 20) divisions will take place at Newton Athletic Park in Surrey BC and are being overseen by the Vancouver Ultimate League and BC Ultimate.

At this time, we are looking to create a Local Organizing Committee (LOC) who will be responsible for running this event. The LOC will have several key Director level positions who will be supported by VUL and BCU staff. This is a great opportunity to get involved in a major Ultimate event and learn what it takes to run a tournament. The core LOC positions are:

Tournament Director - The TD will lead the LOC as plans are made to host Canadian Nationals. The TD coordinates with partners and stakeholders, arranges for tournament wide services, oversees the budget, runs LOC meetings and works with all levels of the organization to deliver the tournament.

Field Operations Director - Field Operations is responsible for organizing, setting up and maintaining the venue. Field Operations works closely with all areas of the event to ensure that everything needed at the site is arranged and in place. During the tournament, the Field Operations team will maintain the site and monitor all areas of the tournament outside of the competition.

Volunteer Director - The Volunteer Director will work with the LOC and Ultimate Canada to identify volunteer needs, fill all roles and manage the volunteers during the tournament.

Protocol and Participant Engagement Director - The Social Coordinator is responsible for planning and delivering all social events at the tournament, including the Junior Party, Senior Party, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Beer Garden entertainment and “Fun Zone” fan/player engagement activities.

Communications Director - The Communications Director will work with the VUL, BCU and Ultimate Canada to create and deliver on a communications plan for the event. This will include both event stories and social media posts which highlight and market the event to the local community.

Partnership Services Director  - The Marketing Director will work to bring commercial, media and political entities in as partners and sponsors for the event. This position will also work closely with Communications to market the event to the local disc community. 

The LOC will have an “Assistant” level of staff who support the core committee members for those who may not want to get involved at the top level.

A stipend will be allocated to both the Director and Assistant level positions.

If you are interested in filling any of these positions, or would like to find out more information about getting involved with CUC 2023, you can fill out this google FORM. Everyone who expresses interest through this form will be contacted about the event. Applications are open until September 30th, 2022.

We anticipate reaching out to the general ultimate community early in 2023 to sign up people to fill the many volunteer positions which will be needed for the event. Communications will be sent out at that time about the volunteer opportunities and registration process.